A report on the jacobsens catalyst

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Jacobsen's catalyst

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In addition to the authors, Orlando Figueroa and Paul Ondrus of NASA-Goddard and Richard Zwirnbaum of Computer Sciences Corp.


participated in. Public Catalyst teams up with public, non-profit and private agencies that provide child welfare, juvenile justice and other human services to achieve results where it counts — healthier children and stronger families, with smart use of public dollars.


Drawing on conversations with hundreds of professors, co-curricular educators, administrators, and students from institutions spanning the entire spectrum of American colleges and universities, the Jacobsens illustrate how religion is constructively intertwined with the work of higher education in the twenty-first century.

Afværgelsen af et dominerende syn og åbenheden over for det tilfældiges energi, misforståelsen og den uheldige tolkning understregede Jacobsens holdning om, at intet er indiskutabelt.

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A report on the jacobsens catalyst
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