An analysis of preventive maintenance in computer systems

Of course, this is dependent on how many modules are installed and how much information has been entered in the system.

Defining safety plans for multiple equipment or locations. Manage machine maintenance and reduce downtime with CMMS software also known as a computerized maintenance management system. If a good company asset register is available this will help, but drawing from experience, it is unlikely that even if it does exist, this will have been properly maintained.

Supporting multiple criteria for generating PM work orders. Implementation Strategy and Beyond With the impact any CMMS will have on a service department it is important that a proper implementation strategy is developed.

Additionally, this module may include labor rates in order to capture and track true labor costs against any asset or piece of equipment.

Glossary of Supply Chain Terms

When we do our annual evaluations it takes close to a week to prepare and enter all the data from the different suppliers. Three methods of calculation are used: Many subsequent studies suggest a similar magnitude of the problem. The process considering the implementation of the modification itself.

Software maintenance

Actual to Theoretical Cycle Time: Total cost, fixed plus variable, divided by total output. Gauge and Calibration Management Several packages either offer gauge and calibration management as a separate option or, at least, allow this to be configured through the normal maintenance scheduling system.

Whatever system or set of modules are selected for use, careful consideration needs to be given to functional requirements and a sound deployment plan. See what sage advice the Gurus impart, and learn about a Feature you may not even know exists!

It is the manner in which these menus are designed that will determine whether or not the users like the system. However, one of the universal objectives of any maintenance improvement plan must be to improve the ratio of planned versus unplanned work. Once again requirements here will differ but typically details will contain name, trade, department, shifts worked, qualifications, special training received, authorisations, etc.

They categorized maintenance activities into four classes: What you expect it to do and how it is to meet your specialized needs.

Some users consider that the greatest financial returns from a CMMS are to be achieved through improved stock control procedures. This feature allows work planners to see what tools are in stock and assign tools to various work categories to reduce research effort by mechanics and technicians working in the field.

This is a very low cost optional add-on to the main enterprise system. This includes technology such as bar coding and radio frequency tagging RFID.The aim of the present study is to carry out the profit analysis of a computer system by considering the concept of priority to preventive maintenance over different hardware and software repair activities.

This article on the selection and implementation of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems can assist those who are considering CMMS for the first time, to decide their requirements.

In a recent online article, “Achieve Results from Your Improvement Initiatives,” author Christer Idhammar of IDCON, Raleigh, NC (, pointed to the availability of various tools that a plant can leverage to enhance performance of a holistic reliability and maintenance (R&M) system.

This online resource is designed to provide the CMMS end user community with information, resources and education relating to preplanning purchases and making effective use of computerized maintenance management systems. Predictive maintenance attempts to detect the onset of a degradation mechanism with the goal before any of these technologies are applied to live systems.

Software analysis tools can quantify and graphically display temperature data. As shown above, the middle. History. Software maintenance and evolution of systems was first addressed by Meir M.

Lehman in Over a period of twenty years, his research led to the formulation of Lehman's Laws (Lehman ). Key findings of his research include that maintenance is really evolutionary development and that maintenance decisions are aided by understanding what happens to systems .

An analysis of preventive maintenance in computer systems
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