An analysis of reign of king louis philippine of france

Working conditions became worse, and the divide between the rich and the poor continued to widen.

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Louis-Philippe traveled in Scandinavia for about a year — A lieutenant general at 18, he fought at Valmy, Jemappes, and Neerwinden. Liberals and nationalists alike were also dissatisfied with his noninterventionist foreign policy. He had been at the school for a month when he heard the news from Paris: The school, owned by a Monsieur Jost, was in Reichenaua village on the upper Rhine, across from Switzerland.

MacdonaldMortier who would later be killed in an assassination attempt on Louis PhilippeDavout and Oudinot. Louis, who desired nothing more than peace, hesitated but finally accepted the inheritance. At the September 20, Battle of ValmyLouis Philippe was ordered to place a battery of artillery on the crest of the hill of Valmy.

The army, however, refused to follow them, and on April 5,they deserted. Education[ edit ] Louis Philippe was tutored by the Countess of Genlisbeginning in The elder branch of the House of Bourbon, to which the kings of France belonged, deeply distrusted the intentions of the cadet branch, which would succeed to the throne of France should the senior branch die out.

Shots rang out as they fled towards the Austrian camp. In September he muzzled the press and refused to broaden the suffrage. It became quite apparent that for the ladies to settle peacefully anywhere, they would have to separate from Louis Philippe. Louis XIV was the foremost example of the monarchy that brought France to its pinnacle.

Louis lured them to his court, corrupted them with gambling, exhausted them with dissipationand made their destinies dependent on their capacity to please him. On August 7 the provisional government of deputies and peers present in Paris declared the throne vacant.

The brothers were even held in Philadelphia briefly during an outbreak of yellow fever. After his return, he cultivated popularity by making the Palais-Royal the foyer of liberals, dressing en bourgeois wearing long trousers instead of knee breechesand sending his sons to a public school.

This, however, was a troubled journey, as Spain and Great Britain were then at war. He then sailed to the United States and settled in Philadelphiawhere in February he was joined by his brothers. Afraid that he may be imprisoned and executed, he quickly left Paris, and using a disguise, made his way to England.

Louis Condé

Most famously, he transformed a royal hunting lodge in Versailles, a village 25 miles southwest of the capital, into one of the largest palaces in the world, officially moving his court and government there in His finance minister, Jean-Baptiste Colbertimplemented reforms that sharply reduced the deficit and fostered the growth of industry, while his war minister, the Marquis de Louvoisexpanded and reorganized the French army.

There he had a rather trying interview with Dantonthe Minister of Justice, which he later fondly re-told to his children. Little remains of his splendid palaces at Saint-Germain and Marly, but Versailles —cursed as extravagant even as it was under construction and accused of having ruined the nation—still stands.

No one suspected his thoughts.

Louis Philippe I, King of the French

He and his brothers then decided to return to Europe. The resulting war lasted from to In Louis-Philippe had to accept as daughter-in-law Princess Helena of Mecklenburgwho thus became the first Protestant member of the French royal family in more than years.

Louis Philippe

During the Hundred Days he returned to England instead of following the court to Ghent. The British seized the three brothers, but took them to Havana anyway.

Meanwhile, the juste milieu middle course became the maxim which guided his political actions: The king informed his astonished ministers that he intended to assume all responsibility for ruling the kingdom. With war on the horizon inall proprietary colonels were ordered to join their regiments.

His visit to Cape Cod in coincided with the division of the town of Eastham into two towns, one of which took the name of Orleans, possibly in his honour. With a Selective Critical Bibliography She instilled in him a fondness for liberal thought; it is probably during this period that Louis Philippe picked up his slightly Voltairean [ clarification needed ] brand of Catholicism.

Louis Philippe struck up a lasting friendship with the British royal. Unable to find passage to Europe, the three brothers spent a year in Cuba, until they were unexpectedly expelled by the Spanish authorities.Louis Condé appeared on Reign as a new main character during the second season.

Condé helped Francis and Lola during the Black Plague and was revealed as Francis's cousin This article is about the Reign character Louis Condé you may be looking for the Historical figure Louis, Prince of Condé. A war between France and Prussia that ended the Second Empire in France and led to the founding of modern Germany; Third Republic Name of the French government that started after the end of the Franco-Prussian War, which led to the demise of Napolean III, and survived until the invasion of the German third Reich.

Louis Philippe I was King of the French from to in what was known as the July Monarchy. His father was a duke who supported the French Revolution but was nevertheless guillotined. Louis Philippe fled France as a young man and spent 21 years in exile, including considerable time in the United States.

Louis XIV: Louis XIV, king of France (–) who ruled his country during one of its most brilliant periods and who remains the symbol of absolute monarchy of the classical age. He extended France’s eastern borders at the expense of the Habsburgs and secured the Spanish throne for his grandson.

Louis-Philippe: Biography of Louis-Philippe, king of the French from to His actions in the Affair of the Spanish Marriages led to a breach with liberal Britain and closer alliance with French conservatives.

His inability to win the allegiance of the new industrial classes led to his fall from power. Louis Philippe I, King of the French, Louis Philippe returned to France and was welcomed into the French court during the reign of his cousin, King Louis XVIII.

Louis XVIII died inand was succeeded by his brother, King Charles X. Louis Philippe had a closer relationship with Charles, although his liberal views were quite in contrast.

An analysis of reign of king louis philippine of france
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