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Besides, Antony declares war on Brutus, but non out of love for Caesar, but anger toward the plotters. The Parthians also considered Cassius as equal to Crassus in authority, and superior to him in skill. However, throughout Brutus vs cassius essay all, Brutus remains good and noble.

A Tragic Hero A tragic hero is a central character. He met Pompey in Greeceand was appointed to command part of his fleet. Cassius quickly joined Brutus in Smyrna with most of his army, leaving his nephew behind to govern Syria. Basically Caesar wanted to see what the people thought of him gaining supreme power and when he found that they were against him it made him angry.

Caesar distrusts him, and states, "Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: He tries to show them that it is in their own interest and they should be thankful.

Ultimately it worked, and what a clever idea it was. He then starts to put devious ideas into the head of Brutus, knowing he will soon convince Brutus to join the conspirators.

Shakespeare uses the character of Cassius to portray greed and jealousy. The common folk even take the day off to honor Caesar. Therefore, it can be assumed that his account of the life of Caesar in The Lives of the Twelve Caesars is fairly accurate.

He is willing to sacrifice himself for the good of Rome if it is necessary, an admirable action. By repeating this throughout the speech he puts the impression in the peoples minds that Brutus and Cassius have brainwashed Antony and maybe they really are not honorable men. Brutus also has a gullible personality, and would believe anything that anyone said to him, this is how he got tricked into being part of the plot.

Brutus gives the crowd a straightforward explanation, of why they killed Caesar. In letters written during 44 BC, Cicero frequently complains that Rome was still subjected to tyranny, because the "Liberators" had failed to kill Antony.

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Shackleton Bailey thought that a remark by Cicero [20] indicates a youthful adherence to the Academy. He is the character that the reader feels for, wants to win, and commiserations. In his attempt to go good he makes errors in judgment.

He speaks of them often to Cassius, and he is greatly disturbed when events force him to act in a manner inconsistent with them. He has trouble arriving at a decision whether to participate in the assassination, he expresses contradictory attitudes towards the conspiracy, he attempts to "purify" the murder through ritual, and he condemns Cassius' money-raising practices while asking for a share.

Brutus' concentration on honorable and noble behavior also leads him into assuming a naive view of the world.Brutus vs. Antony. Brutus and Antony both produce different tactics to sway the people’s opinions about Caesar.

Julius Caesar

Both men present different points about Casaer and his rule in Rome. Brutus, as chose by Cassius, becomes a secondary leader in the plan to eliminate Caesar. Cassius and Brutus portray specific leadership qualities in very different ways.

Brutus shows he is a more sufficient leader by his bravery, integrity and selflessness. Brutus versus Cassius in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Essay - Brutus vs.

Cassius In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is the story of Julius Caesar’s death that took place years ago. Caesar, during the time, was escalading in power and was to become emperor.

The public was mostly pleased with having Julius Caesar as their.

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After Cassius raises the subject and asks for Brutus' commitment, he requests time to think the matter over, and a month later, speaking alone in his orchard, he reveals that he has since thought of little else. Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Vs.

Plutarch’s Julius Caesar Essay Sample Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Vs. Plutarch’s Julius Caesar Essay Sample. These words were spoken by Cassius, a character in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar.

Brutus V. Cassius. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a story of the short rise and fall of a ruler and.

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May 21,  · Dino Chiu English 10 Compare and Contrast between Cassius and Brutus. Cassius and Brutus are both important characters in the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by Shakespeare; they both took part in the most dramatic scenes in the of these characters shared a lot of similarities; however, in personalities they are very different.

Brutus vs cassius essay
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