Issues that were in the bush

Feb Too much government spending will end prosperity. Governor Bush will reform Medicare by providing seniors with a prescription drug benefit as well as the ability to choose their own modern, comprehensive health plan.

However, the Bush strategy of focusing on terrorism and moral values was effective in picking up additional support to help offset gains made by Kerry.

For better or worse, the Household Survey counts multiple jobs held by one person only once, and it includes government workers, farm workers, unpaid family workers, and workers absent without pay.

Americans' "willingness to accept a less than perfect outcome reflects both a realism about the way we run elections and a lack of passion about either candidate. If adopted, however, this new system would have its own problems.

While Bush gained support among the American public for his foreign policy initiatives, his popularity at home was marred by an economic recession.

To restore confidence in government, he will: Foreign Policy Governor Bush believes that American foreign policy must be more than the management of crisis.

He will not change benefits in any way for current retirees or those near retirement. Aug Reframed Clinton from economic prosperity to moral failing.

On November 5,he married Laura Welcha librarian and school teacher. Sep Will keep sanctions against Cuba. Regulatory appointees protected their industries.

Dec Death penalty, when properly administered, saves lives. He might have drawn more attention to differences on issues on which his position was supported by public opinion, such as abortion rights or gun control. This means providing farmers and ranchers with a strong safety net and the means to manage economic downturns, such as crop insurance reform, tax-deferred accounts, and elimination of the death tax.

This survey has the advantage over the payroll survey in that it includes self-employed. Oct Improve education with local control, accountability.

New prosecutions, new investigations, and total convictions all plummeted by a third. Performance will be measured annually, and parents will be empowered with information and choices.

National Anthem sung only in English, not in Spanish. Mar Constitutional amendment to protect marriage. There remained a basic philosophic difference between the parties and their leaders.

We will use these good times for great goals. Government Reform Governor Bush believes a strong leader focuses on solving problems, not settling scores. Two-thirds of Latinos voted for Gore, a proportion similar to that won by Clinton.

99 Problems with the Bush Administration

It will also double the child credit, eliminate the death tax, reduce the marriage penalty, and expand Education Savings Accounts and charitable deductions. Gore won in only 20 states and the District of Columbiaalmost all on the geographical fringes of the nation--bordering the Atlantic Ocean north of the Potomacthe Pacific Ocean, and the Great Lakes.

Sep Allies deserve the respect of all Americans. Only a fraction thought him better qualified than Bush to maintain the good times. That difference was evident in such fundamental questions as allocation of the windfall surpluses in the federal budget: International Trade Governor Bush believes the United States will continue to be prosperous and competitive in the global marketplace if we embrace free trade.

Rebuked Taiwan for independence referendum. Finally, Governor Bush will remove federal regulations that restrict state flexibility in designing and implementing programs for the uninsured.

The institutional effect was to decrease the significance of the president, the principal officer of foreign policy. Jan Leave decisions on flying Confederate flag to the states.

George W. Bush

Jun Ban partial-birth; ban taxpayer funding. He began his time in the White House as Germany was in the process of reunifying, the Soviet Union was collapsing and the Cold War was ending.The Presidential Election: Why Gore Lost.

by GERALD M. POMPER. Political Science Quarterly, Summervolumeissue 2, page The presidential election of stands at best as a paradox, at worst as a scandal, of American democracy. Oct 25,  · Kroger shooting suspect has history of violence, losing gun rights The suspect, Gregory Bush, 51, was arrested on Wednesday, after two people.

Many of the same issues that had dogged U.S.-Iranian relations before President Bush took office in —including differences about Israel, the use of terrorism as a tool of policy, and Iraq—were still problems when President Bush was succeeded by.

Feb 11,  · Why Bush Won. VOTE: President Bush talks on the phone during his visit at the Ohio Bush/Cheney Campaign Tuesday, Nov. 2, in Columbus, Ohio. When voters were asked which of several issues. Two former members of the Texas Air Guard were called and asked to be available for input on the issues to be discussed.

Either of these two Guardsmen would have been able to refute the memos upon. George W. Bush on Immigration Click here for 30 full quotes on Immigration OR 2 older headlines OR other political leaders on Immigration. 40% of Latino vote & won in ; McCain's 33% lost in

Issues that were in the bush
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