Metaphysical spiritual healing essay

Viruses are able to gain entry when you are depleting yourself through stress, poor diet, and not enough oxygenation of your cells. Clean out your closet and buy some new clothes to wear in bright colors.

I meet myself in the fragmented earth. I remember half our household including me being so sick we all thought we were going to die. Somehow, I finally found enough energy to use my sound healing to help me and the others in our family recover from its seeming curse.

I was astonished when I asked Spirit for sounds that would continue to be able to address the various, virulent strains of viruses that can mutate and grow stronger—and as I was singing, there I was in the DNA.

Listening to birds singing may fill you with joy and you could find yourself watching animals with a new interest. The mental health system in this country is designed to get your behavior and emotions under control so that you can fit back into the dysfunctional system.

In the Holographic Age there is the realization of synergy and "connectedness" -how everything reflects and effects everything else.

We are not capable of responding to life in the now - we are only able to react out of old grief, out of old tapes. Interest in Nature A sign of spiritual awakening is an increased interest in nature and the world all around you. Touch others with your open palms to heal them. Visualize them picking away and discarding the diseased cells in your body, very carefully separating the distorted calls from the healthy cells.

The seminar included lectures in which Jun spoke about his process and how he views health and spiritual healing — his most important advice being: We now have tools, knowledge, and most importantly, clearer access to healing energy and Spiritual guidance than has ever before been available in recorded human history on this planet.

The sequence of natural sounds reawakens that place of beauty within us long-forgotten. Take the common cold. And no matter how it manifests in our hearing, music has the power to reach into our very core and extract from us, the deepest feelings, the farthest insights, and the most profound thoughts from our minds and hearts.

And doing it in such a place where no one would interrupt in between will help you focusing with amazing experiences during this practice. Our mental health system not only does not promote healing - it actually blocks the process.

Your loud voice will echo in many hearts making sure your loved one is never erased from memory. But Eastern Civilization, though based upon a more intuitive perspective, did not, for the most part, manifest that in the treatment of women.

Essay/Term paper: Spiritual healing

It's legacy survives every generation through history and is expressed through the hearts and deeper feelings in the people from almost every culture, ancient and modern. When we are reacting out of our childhood emotional wounds, then what we are feeling may have very little to do with the situation we are in or with the people with whom we are dealing in the moment.

So, here's the procedure: Emotions have also been discounted in Eastern Civilization although the Eastern approach to medicine and science is much more Holistic in general and does acknowledges the existence of energies of a metaphysical nature.

Try your best to understand and follow it. One of my first mandalas was entitled "Synthesis". On the beach everything I hear speaks Perhaps the music of nature may substitute for the art of sound. Senses All five traditional senses may go through changes, with disturbances to vision, hearing new sounds, tasting things differently, feeling different inside and being able to detect different scents and aromas.

Part Three offers commentary regarding politics in the Philippines in late You will not grow if you sit in a beautiful flower garden and somebody brings you gorgeous food on a silver platter. Because accidents and sudden illness do happen, it is never too soon to express forgiveness, to say thank you and I love you to the people who have been an integral or intimate part of our lives, and to say good-bye is a blessing.

That means friends who will not abuse and betray you.With growing numbers of the population feeling disenchanted, bored, and disillusioned, more people are beginning to question their purpose in life and following a more spiritual path.

2 of 2 1. Serve as an apprentice-healing practitioner. 2. Develop and teach a lesson on one aspect of metaphysical or spiritual studies. 3. Spiritual, Life, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual energy healing, meet your spiritual higher self Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Life, Spiritual, Growth, Healing Wisdom of the Heart Church also sponsors Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center.

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~ BOOK REVIEW ~ Healing Wise by Susun Weed Introduction by Jean Houston.

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Metaphysical spiritual healing essay
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