The role of women in economic development

Law, education failing to break glass ceiling. They held the notion that educated women are not responsible in the society. The dwindling economy of our country gives strung blow to the educational opportunities of women. Encourage women association that will be The role of women in economic development and useful to the people of Ezza-North L.

It will equally help for further researching especially in literature review.

Women's Economic Roles and The Development Paradigm

And not government invest all her resources in education because there are other social, services that must ne funded. In ways to enable the researcher to have thoroughly investigated, a population of educated women in same community of Eboyi State was drawn to five hundred James Austin, who was well known for case-method training at Harvard, led a team with three women experienced in WID work: In findings II, it was acknowledged that educated Women are too few to make any meaningful impact in the society, that women in politics do not get support of the male folk, that they are not political conscious and that Women are intimidated in politics and also lack sponsorship.

Her keen observations, her use of empirical data and her commitment to greater gender equality are still an inspiration to students, researchers and activists who are interested in a better and more equal world. Summary of the Review literature.

Women in development

Prof Grace Alele Willian was the first female vice chancellor V. However, more than one-half of these women are in the lowest faculty ranks, and just Clearly, one thing that can be done to reduce the threat of poverty for women is to position them so that they can earn a decent income.

Naila Kabeer lead authorMariama Williams on macroeconomic environmentJames Heintz on access to full employment and decent workCheryl Doss on access to land, housing and other productive resourcesLinda Mayoux on access to financial services and Corina Rodriguez Enriquez on access to social protection.

But however, some school of thought argued that women education all over the globe has contributed a lot to nation building. In addition, Ugwu said that an average African parent values marriage certitude more than any academic certificate. And, while there are some signs that the gender gap is narrowing somewhat in some of the sciences and mathematics, it appears that it may be widening in technology and computer science education.

Women must have equal access to credit, property and markets, and should not require the consent of a male family member in order to secure this access. Conclusion Indeed, it is clear that the stress of balancing job and family can be reduced, and the rewards increased, by the availability of high-quality day care and certain kinds of flexibility in the workplace itself which is often in rather short supply.

Often burdened with the full responsibility for housework and child care, they lack opportunities for entertainment and imagination. A and nations at large?

The Role of Educated Nigeria Women in the Social and Economic Development

Some but landed property for their husband. The elite represent specifically to group that exercise political influence in a country. In finding III, it is equally discovered from this analysis that educated Women in Ezza North constitute a powerful weapon for Socio-economic and political development, that Women association will enable the women to put together resources to form a small scale business, that the formation of the date women association will help to educate the Youth and illiterate ones in the community, that educated Women association is a means of sponsorship to the Women in politics.

In most countries, women spend about twice the amount of time doing unpaid work as men do in Japan, that is, nine times. The relevance of the elite theory to this research is that since Women are not found with in the forum of the elite in the society and the forum of the elite in the society and the states affairs have been piloted by men, hence the roles of women in politics have been attempts to be recognized in the field of politics a situation that paved way to the idea of gender equality.

Equal pay and highest executive ranks still elude women. In the first and second Republics, women were under represented in politics.

Othe power of education in the improvement of human life has been attested to in our modern time.

Role of women in economic development.

Suffix to this, the researcher equally discovered that there is no existing nor functional women association in Ezza North and as such there has been no significant contribution of women in the socio-economic and political development in the area. It said "future projects should avoid the home economics approach and focus on income-generating activities which are relevant and useful to the women participating".Women empowerment and economic development are closely related: in one direction, development alone can play a major role in driving down inequality between men and women; in the other direction, empowering women may benefit development.

'Women's Role in Economic Development has become a key reference book for anyone - student, scholar, or practitioner - interested in gender and development analyses. This book is important not only because it provided the intellectual underpinning of the Women in Development (WID) analysis, but also because of the lasting influence it had on 4/4(1).

2 1. Introduction This short paper aims to highlight the important role women have and can play in economic development. It addresses three questions: what is the evidence base to support investing in. But women’s development and empowerment through education, change in their economic, social and political status will ensure sustainable development that we are sure off.

Role of Women Education in the Socio-Economic and Political Development

The scope of this paper is limited to the case study of Punjab. Development policies and programs tend not to view women as integral to the economic development process. This is reflected in the higher investments in women's reproductive rather than their productive roles, mainly in population programs.

(iii) educated women play a vital role in socio-economic development of nigeria (2) educated women contribute in building of charitable organization awarding of scholarship and building of health centers ultimately it was recommended that above mention factors (v) that federal government should encourage women education by criticizing early.

The role of women in economic development
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