What is snowball sampling

Snowball sampling is useful in such scenarios because: The field worker then attempted to make contact with that nominee. According to research mentioned in the paper written by Kath Browne, [21] using social networks to research is accessible. Each student is referred to as a unit [see our article, Sampling: Lack of control over sampling method: The first participants will have a strong impact on the sample.

The respondent-driven sampling method employs a dual system of structured incentives to overcome some of the deficiencies of such samples.

There may be no other way of accessing your sample, making snowball sampling the only viable choice of sampling strategy. Compensations[ edit ] The best defense against weaknesses is to begin with a set of initial informants that are as diverse as possible.

However, since snowball sampling involves individuals recruiting other individuals to take part in a piece of research, there may be common characteristics, traits and other social factors between those individuals that help to break down some of the natural barriers that prevent such individuals from taking part.

Lack of control over sampling method: The investigators use previous contact and communication with subjects then, the investigators are able to gain access and cooperation from new subjects.

Snowball sampling is inexact and can produce varied and inaccurate results. Individuals that are drug users or prostitutes, for example, are likely to be less willing to identify themselves and take part in a piece of research than many other social groups.

For example, in the interview phase, snowball sampling can be used to reach hard-to-reach populations. Expert information collection Snowball sampling can be used to identify experts in a certain field such as medicinemanufacturing processesor customer relation methods, and gather professional and valuable knowledge.

Snowball sampling may also be viewed as an effective sampling strategy from a perspective of research design and the choice of research methods. Whilst it could be said that such as criticism is more about research design than sampling strategy, the point of this example is to highlight that sometimes a statistically inferior sampling design can result in a more representative sample.

Snowball sampling

As subjects are used to locate the hidden population, the researcher invests less money and time in sampling. These conflicts among groups or people include the differences to claim the area of territory, resources, trade, civil and religious rights that cause considerable misunderstanding and heighten the disagreements that lead to an environment with lack of trust and suspicion.

It is possible for the surveyors to include people in the survey that they would not have known but, through the use of social network.

Snowball Sampling

This is achieved that investigators act in good faith and establish good working relationship with the subjects. In each instance, the newly recruited research assistant had to be trained to understand and accept the eligibility criteria of the research, which often was difficult because it violated some commonsense understandings concerning treatment and nontreatment.

As a result, snowball sampling not only results in the recruitment of particular samples, use of this technique produces participants'accounts of their lives.

Snowball sampling method does not require complex planning and the staffing required is considerably smaller in comparison to other sampling methods. In the case of drug users, it may be obvious to identify strata such as gender i.

Inferential statistics were also used to determine whether the distributions for age and the time it took for a field worker to locate a nominee speed were significant and whether the respective snowballs were drawn from populations with the same distributions.

Collectively, all student drug users make up our population. Equally important is its utility in exploring population about whom little is known. He then nominated, among others, another Italian, 22 years of age, who was found on the same day.

In conflict environment, the entire population is marginalized to some extent rather than a specific group of people and makes it very hard for investigators to reach the study subjects to conduct the research. Locating people of a specific population: In order to most accurately obtain information, a company must do everything it possibly can to ensure that the sampling is controlled.

As an alternative methodology, when other research methods can not be employed, due to challenging circumstancing and when random sampling is not possible.Snowball sampling is a recruitment technique in which research participants are asked to assist researchers in identifying other potential subjects.

This paper explores snowball sampling, a recruitment method that employs research into participants' social networks to access specific populations. Beginning with the premise that research is ‘formed’, the paper offers one account of snowball sampling and using social networks to ‘make.

Snowball sampling can happen in a number of ways, but generally it is when a group of people recommends potential participants for a study, or.

Snowball sampling may be defined as a technique for gathering research subjects through the identification of an initial subject who is used to provide the names of other actors. Snowball sampling or chain-referral sampling is defined as a non-probability sampling technique in which the samples have traits that are rare to find.

This is a sampling technique, in which existing subjects provide referrals to recruit samples required for a research study. For example, if you. Also, snowball sampling is the most popular in business studies focusing on a specific company that involve primary data collection from employees of that company.

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What is snowball sampling
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